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default Allergies

Post by YukiNagato413 on Wed 07 Sep 2011, 02:12

I Absolutely hate Allergies!
I'm allergic to Tomatoes, So i can't eat anything with Tomatoes in it -m-
And I'm Allergic to Dust, I Think dust is the most common Allergy there is, I Can't sleep in a room filled with dust because i will be Sick when i wake up in the morning.
Im Also Allergic to Yogurts, but Weirdly, Im not allergic to Dairy ;w; I Wonder how it is Possible..

Are you allergic to anything?

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default Re: Allergies

Post by Fangs on Mon 12 Sep 2011, 18:00

I have no known allergies. I might have one to gum. O_O

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