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Wouldn't it be great?

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default Wouldn't it be great?

Post by YukiNagato413 on Wed 07 Sep 2011, 09:36

When i just joined toontown, I Thought every building has a different Content in them.
So i went in this one building and then another one and i was dissapointed that the Layout of the buildings are the same except for the name plate though hehe.

I Was wondering how great it will be if the content of every Building in Toontown is Different, Like in Restaurants there will be a Cashier, Table, Chairs and stuff, I Bet Toons will just stay Indoors and Role Play all day, And i visited the School in the Playground, and the layout is the same as the other buildings! Empty! Not really School like.

Does anyone else feels the same?
I Think changing every building in Toontown will be a toughie for toontown tho flower

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default Re: Wouldn't it be great?

Post by Lady Trickster on Fri 09 Sep 2011, 21:33

Yeah, it would be REALLY hard : / But it's an awesome idea.


The awesome one.
Lady Trickster
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