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default Toon HQ Forums-Safety

Post by Lady Trickster on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 19:52

For the safety of our members, we suggest you follow these rules.

*NEVER give your password to anyone, or give it to any other sites.

Your password is not needed by anyone, except when you are logging in. Even admins cannot see your password. For this reason, NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD OUT. Anywhere. If a user asks for your password, even if it is an admin, PM an admin, or, if it was an admin, another admin. There are three: Miss Mandy, Wonderwoof, and Lady Trickster.

*NEVER give out personal information.

This site can be viewed by anyone, and you never know who's behind the screen of a user, even if it's your friend. For this reason, never give out personal information. Name, it's okay, and maybe age, and sometimes location, if you're talking about a country. But anything else, no. It will be edited or removed, for safety reasons. If you're not sure about what's personal information and what isn't, PM an admin.

*NEVER request personal information.

This doesn't involve YOUR personal safety, but it involves someone else's. Please, don't ask for personal information. Age and name is okay, but please don't go any further.

If you have any questions, PM a mod (you may PM Andy_Loopster, or Fangs) or an admin (you may PM Lady Trickster, Wonderwoof, or Miss Mandy.)

Thank you!



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default Re: Toon HQ Forums-Safety

Post by Fangs on Fri 07 Oct 2011, 22:19

Thanks for remembering me this time!
Also, great job. Very well put.

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