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Post by Da Jinks on Sun 23 Oct 2011, 15:59

Info on making a uber:
A uber is a toon that stays low on laff and trains its gags! Here are types of ubers:

1 tracker-trains throw or squirt only! Maxes sell at 20 laff.
2 tracker-trains throw and squirt only! Maxes sell at 20 laff.
3 tracker-gets either sound or toon-up and Maxes T@S plus sound/heal. Maxes sell at 30 laff.
4 tracker-goes through DDock and Maxes T@S plus sound/heal and lure/drop. Maxes sell around 40 laff.
5 tracker-goes through MML. Maxes T@S plus sound/heal, lure/drop and trap/???. Maxes sell around 60 laff.(note general sell uber is under 50 laff so not everybody excepts 5 trackers.)
Cash uber-works all playgrounds and Maxes cash at around 75 laff. You can also work sellbot and be a sell/cash uber.
Law uber-goes through all playground and Maxes law at around 105 laff.
Boss uber-goes through all playgrounds and Maxes boss at around 105 laff.
We accept and will help train all ubers ;)

Be nice!
For VP's:please have at least level 5 T@S.
For CEO, CJ andCFO's:please have maxed [email=T@S]T@S[/email].


Ubers N' Gloried CL.

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Cool And Crazy Uber-25 Laff-4 track UIT-Ubers N' Gloried CL

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