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Favorite online game ?

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default Favorite online game ?

Post by Roxy on Mon 14 Nov 2011, 20:26

Hiya :) Just was wondering ... What`s your 3 most favorite online games :D ? Here`s mine and some pics !

1. Runscape :DD (

I LOVE this game ! It`s SO much fun ! You guys should try it :3 If you do make one add me - MizJacky429 :D <---- That`s the link if you wanna see how it looks like ^.^

2. Maplestory (

Dont judge this game by the graphics ):< It`s a lot of fun ! Again - Link for thee pic .

3. Perfect World (

This game has AMAZING GRAPHICS ! & it actually runs fast ! The downloading takes awhile -.- But it`s totally worth it . Click thee link for the photo !

Post if you like any of these/tried/or liked any ! Or post some of your own YOU like !


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default Re: Favorite online game ?

Post by Fangs on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 19:10

I've only tried two (Club Penguin and Toontown) and liked only one (Toontown).

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