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Golden Toons

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default Golden Toons

Post by CrumbsHasAClue on Sun 27 May 2012, 11:58

Hey everyone. Its Crumbs Has A Clue.... and today I am going to bring back some memories.....

  • The backgrounds on Create A Toon were completley different...
  • The TOON PANEL background was red.
  • Bossbot HQ wasnt invented.
  • You could glitch through Sellbot HQ
  • All shops in Toontown Centeral Playground were closely connected.
  • There was a mysterious merry-go-round apparently at a playground.
  • You could choose better clothing, random clothing ( with flowers on them, flames, etc. ) in Create a Toon
  • Speedchat Plus was almost done and almost ready to come out
  • Trading Cards in Toon News Letters ( Yes, toon news letters. TT mailed something to you with all Toontown info in it-- tips, word searches, traiding cards )
  • There was RockABye Road ( DDL ) and Walnut Way ( DG ) on the old TT map.

Hope that brings back memories!

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default Re: Golden Toons

Post by Fangs on Tue 18 Dec 2012, 22:33

I've seen videos of the old ToonTown, and it looked really fun! I wish I had seen that with my own eyes...

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