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NO TROLLING- Here's why.

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default NO TROLLING- Here's why.

Post by Miss Mandy on Thu 28 Jul 2011, 18:11

At Toon Hq, we want it to be a fun, safe place for everybody. EVERYBODY.

What trolling is:

Trolling is pretty much bossing someone around, telling them what to do or not to do. If someone decided to name their clan 'french fry clan' and you told them "You can't name you're clan french fry clan" for whatever reason, it would be considered trolling.

At Toon Hq, we don't want trolling, because it can hurt feelings, and we want freedom to our members. If there is something that a member should not do, a Admin will handle it. If you wish, you may report it to an admin. But, the admin will decide what to do. Do not take it into you're own hands, otherwise it will have to be dealt with. Thank-you!

-The Toon HQ Staff


Miss Mandy

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