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  • 20120305
    I'm Back to Toontown, TTC, AND THQ Forums! Sorry, I just felt I had to take a break! I'm very excited!!! My birthday did pass (it was the 9th of February) and I did turn 13. :)

    I did miss you all!!! Now lets start a great year!!! :)

    Love and Hugs,


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  • 20111016
    I just wanna remind you guys, no cursing at all.
    Not even abreviating it...
    If you do try to curse at any admin/mod or even a regular user, you will get a reminder...
    Why, did I post this?
    Because somebody cursed at me in a PM when I did nothing.
    I won't say names, but I will say this..
    You curse, you pay for it.
    It made me really upset when I saw it...
    It's no funny, its not cool.
    You wont get away with it, no excuses
    No cursing was in our rules and it was posted alot around THQ!

    Thanks and Blessings,

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  • 20111009
    Ok, so I have noticed how many "RANDOM" posts are happening.
    I have also noticed that they are happening in the Greetings and Goodbyes forums section.
    I have also noticed that they are done by two people that are really close friends.
    I won't say names but I will say this...
    Cut it out!!! It gets very annoying when I log on and all I see are posts like "Well I didnt mean to" or "Yeah, LOL" or "Whoa, fail. Hey what is the best candy?".

    And the sad part is... one of the obsessive posters is a mod...

    Ta Ta For Now,

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  • 20110930
    First, Today is the last day of September... most of you are like "So???". That means we have LESS THAN 4 weeks until Halloween. We also have less than two months until Thansgiving and less than FOUR MONTHS until Christmas! Epic!!!

    Now, I want to discuss some awesome news! I got all A's and B's on my Tri-Messter Report which means... I might get a membership tomorrow! That means I might... I don't know since my parents have to have there annual "chit chat" as I like to call it tonight. If they forget Shame on them!

    I think that...

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  • 20110923
    First, I want to wish you all a happy autumn! Yup, today is the first day of autumn! I am very excited! Nights are cooler+days are cooler=less allergy problems and better sleep! I'm serious.... I have to sleep with a air purifier due to my allergies. I hope you guys don't have allergies like I do... D:

    Now, I just want to tell you guys THQ's Schedule for Today-End of October

    September 26-Jellybean Earners Clan Meeting

    October 15-Toon HQ Goes Halloween (Wallpaper & Skin)

    October 15 through October 30-Trick or Treating

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  • 20110920
    Ok, so I wanted to tell you what I'm gonna wear to our "Halloween Costume" contest.

    I'm gonna wear:

    • A yellow sheriff shirt w/ a brown star on the right side (its like a cowgirl theme)
    • A yellow skirt with a brown boot on the right side (its very cowgirlly)

    Is this alright for my members? I don't think I'll be able to wear accessories due to membership issues.

    I really am excited for this years halloween! Not only will it be extra fun, it will be a great chance to get to know you guys!

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  • 20110917
    Ok, this blog post is gonna be a mixture of things. It will be updates, crazy posts, and much more!

    Remember when I said I would give you some "Secrets" on our staff? Well, today is the day (or at least one of the days) I wil give you some!

    Do you guys wanna know what we do after we administrate and moderate? We chat on the chatbox! We talk not only about the site... but about weird things like cheese and such.

    The other secret is..... our admin meetings..... are not that secret. Infact, we go to Lady's Estate and talk there....

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  • 20110905
    First, Happy Labor Day everybody! Hope you are having a great day!

    Second, I want to appologize to one of my friends, and one of the members, Fangs. Me and him had a chatbox issue but it was resolved. I still feel really bad. So, Fangs, if it helps, I want to say sorry.

    If you accept, great, if you don't, I understand.


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  • 20110912
    Name: Wonderwoof

    Laff: 60

    Color: Cream

    Type: Dog

    BFF's: Indecisive Dog, Roxy, Lady Tricky, Miss Mandy, Fangs, Mallory, Rocker Chick, McKennaz, Pixie Dust, Loopy Droopy Frinkelquack, Domino (Good Ol), and King Al.

    Rank: Admin

    Talents: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Writing, Reading, Computers

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Where you in special choirs? Are you still in some special choirs?

    A: Yes, I was in 5th grade honors choir and I was in 5th and 6th grade school chorus also....

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  • 20110916
    Ok, remember I told you guys I would give you more info? Well, I am going to.

    If you want to know the dates of some of our halloween events, please go to this link:

    Oh, and Happy Constitution Day! And also, Happy Friday!


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  • 20110915
    You guys might have read this from Fangs' Blog already but....The most exciting holliday that is coming up is halloween right?

    Well, we know that so we are hosting some MAJOR events on THQ! Very soon, we are gonna get tricked out with Halloween!

    1) Costume Party~Bring a costume to one of our parties and watch fireworks, play games, dance, and chat with your BFFs! More info coming soon.

    2) Halloween Decor~THQ is gonna get AMAZING soon! We will have new wallpaper, new skins, and much more! More info coming soon.

    3) Costume Contest~Wear...

    by Wonderwoof - Comments: 3 - Views: 293
  • 20110910
    Ok, as you know I auditioned for MOSS Choir today. Guess what? I made it in! I'm going to be an alto this semester and I might get to perform at Six Flags in St. Louis and at the Missouri Theater!

    Thanks for reading all of my updates! :)


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  • 20110909
    First, Happy Friday! :)

    Now, we gotta get into the more serious stuff. All today (and into this weekend) we watched videos or heard about the "9/11 attack". I won't go into deep description but what I will say is this, it changed my life when I heard about it. I was only 2 when it happened and I just learned about it today! I tried hard not to cry.....:(

    Now that we are over with the "sad" stuff, I wanna tell you some exciting news! I am trying out for MOSS Choir tomorrow! :D

    I love you guys who read my blogs! I just wanna say Bless USA!

    I Bid You Peace...

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  • 20110829
    I want to appologize to Loopy as I delete his thread because I thought it was off topic. As an Admin, I have made a mistake (which EVERYBODY does) that is minor, BUT I STILL FEEL REALLY BAD. So, again, my sincere appolgies to Loopy. You may post that membership thread again. To make up for it, I will make the thread a sticky. Sorry buddy! :(


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  • 20110902
    First, IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY! XD Sorry, I just so badly had to say that. :P

    Second, Happy Birthday to Lady Trickster! Owner, founder, and admin of this site! We luv ya girl! <3 I will try to post a video of me singing Happy Birthday in HARMONY! :D

    Third, I want to give you guys a few updates on some events that are coming up.

    An event that is coming up that you will NOT wanna miss is......
    Lady Trickster's B-Day Party!
    It will be on September 4th.

    For more info on that, please go to:

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  • 20110822
    This is my blog!

    So, basicly this is a "secret spot" (as I like to call it) where you guys can get never before read secrets on Toon HQ! Plus, I will have news and updates on what is going on in Toon HQ! This is pretty much my Headquarters. This is where everything is me! Sometimes I might even give tips about making a forum!

    Got questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns on my blog?
    Just PM/Email me!


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