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Field Office - Four in, One out

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default Field Office - Four in, One out

Post by Fangs on Tue 13 Sep 2011, 17:46

Once, I went in a field office in Donald's Dreamland with two toons in the sixty laff point range and one in the hundreds. I was an 87 at the time, so I thought we would win by a long shot. On the first floor, we did alright in the maze. We all lost some laff, but no one went sad. We all got to the elevator, safe and sound.

On our way to the second floor, I noticed that the toon with the highest laff had gotten disconnected. We were in a little trouble now. The first cogs we faced were two Mr. Hollywoods and a Cold Caller. I got rid of the cold caller with an aoogah, and the other two toons used throw on one of the remaining cogs. The cog was only orange. Everyone had been attacked. The two other toons had two-thirds of their laff left. I used a cream pie on the already damaged Mr. Hollywood, hoping the other toons would follow suit. Instead, they used throw on the other Mr. Hollywood. Neither of the cogs went down. We all got hit again and, with only a third of their laff remaining, the other two had to get their act together. They did toonups on everyone else and I took down a Mr. Hollywood.

Two cogs came out and we had to hurry. Only two of three toons got their choice in before the cogs came into the battle. The Mr. Hollywood was taken down, as was one of the other cogs, a Glad Hander, which left the other Glad Hander to attack. One of the other toons became sad and went to the playground. Now it was only us two left and a Mr. Hollywood had just exited the elevator. We both hurried and the Glad Hander was defeated before the Mr. Hollywood could enter the battle. The Mr. Hollywood was our last cog. We thought we were going to make it, but our cream pie and birthday cake weren't enough to defeat the Mr. Hollywood. We both were attacked and the other toon went sad. I used a storm cloud, and the building was finished. I was the only one in the elevator.

Does anyone have any amazing field office stories? Tell them here! (But try not to make them as long as this!)

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