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Post by Miss Mandy on Thu 06 Oct 2011, 18:05

Whats to know about racing?

I'm confused. confused Please give me a guide!

Want the racing 101 info? We got it...HERE! In this guide.

First, you need to do about...35 practices. Just to get the feel of it, get you're tickets, and of course, pratice.

Second, Find a member that isn't very good/experianced, and race with him. Hopefully after winning, go back, and do more practices. About, 10 more. After that, go and find a better racer, and race them. If you win, do another grand pix. If you lose, go back and do 5 more practices.

Then, do another grand pix. If you win, keep doing them, if you lose, go back and do 5 more practices. Everytime you lose, go back and do 5 more practices. (Hint: It's better if you go with other people.)

After you won about 10 grand pixs or so, go and check to see how many tickets you have (depending on how many grand pixs and practices you do.) If you have enough, buy a better cart. If not, do more grand pixs and practices.

What makes the carts better:

The more expensive the cart, the better. It not only gives you more control, so you can turn better, speed up better, bash better, all of that, but it just looks stylish! It shows you're wealth.

After buying a new cart, look at you're book, and at you're racing section in you're book, and figure out where you need to race. The more you do, the better chanes you have to getting a boost!

Racing technquies:

Some ways to be better in racing is the actual WAY you race. Technquies are EVERYTHING in this game! Here I'm gonna share with you some of them.

1. The BASH. What the BASH is...It is when you and another racer are right beside each other. You move over, and HIT THEM, bashing them. It knocks them into the sand or grass, making them slow down/stop. It makes you go ahead! (Note: This is better with the bigger/bulkyer more expensive car you have. Does not work well if you have a cheapy beginner car and you're fellow racer has a big one, in fact, you will go in the sand/grass if you hit them. So beware.)

2. Stay ON THE ROAD. Stay on the road. If you go off of it, you slow down, or stop all together! Plus, it can make glitchs happen, BAD glitches. Ones NOT in you're favor. Because there are no good glitches in you're favor when racing (unless its the other racer getting in the 'stuck' glitch.)

3. Curve Move. The curve move is when you are behind someone, and they stay in front of you, and you go in a curve motion and go around them. (Note: this works better with a bigger cart, because is faster.)

4, Speed up. ALWAYS use the speedups on the roads! Without them, you are sometimes tasting you're opponites dust. They might use the speed ups, but you don't, and you get left WAY behind. So always try to use them!

5. GET AHEAD. If you get ahead in the beginning, you are one step ahead of them. It helps, and it highly suggested you try to get 1st or 2nd in the beginnging.

6. DON'T PANIC! Whatever you do...DON'T PANIC! If someone goes around you, and gets ahead of you, don't worry, remain calm, and try to get ahead. You will certainly get in a crash...Or get stuck if you panic!

7. DONT TALK! The more you talk and type, the more you SLOW DOWN. So don't!

8. Remember, its a game!!! Don't get upset because you didn't win. Just keep practicing! Keep trying! It improves you, and makes you better!

Hope this helped!! Good luck with you're racing!


Miss Mandy

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