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New Ideas for Toontown

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default New Ideas for Toontown

Post by Fangs on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 19:23

I have a few ideas I would love to bring to Toontown...

1. New Playgrounds/Improved Playgrounds such as...
Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres (Would put streets)
Fluffy's Funny Farm (Would take existing idea and make it real)
Goofy Speedway (Would put streets)
Max's Sports Center (New idea; in development)

2. Addition of Streets:
Toontown Central: Crazy Causeway and Comic Concourse
Donald's Dock: Pier Place and Water Way
Daisy Gardens: Gingko Street and Mulberry Street
Minnie's Melodyland: Bass Boulevard, Treble Terrace, and Soprano Street
The Brrrgh: Snow Street and Tundra Terrace
Donald's Dreamland: Sleep Street and Bed Boulevard

3. Level 8 & 9 Gags, Level 13-20 Cogs (Both still in development)

Please put feedback and other ideas below. Thank you.


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