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default DA OFFICE Stories

Post by The Artful Dodger on Fri 22 Jun 2012, 00:08

Hi all! I have two stories to share with you today! Both from the DA Office. I think this is the most common place where I get bullied around but these stories are actually really creepy. By the way this is my first post! Enjoy reading about my sorrows:no: .

The Evil Bunny:

Basically I was in the DA office with 3 others. All of a sudden one leaves, since we were almost done we decided to keep going. As I go through the games the bunny in our group says "Ha ha!" and steps on a skull. All of a sudden we are put into the skelecog battle. Then I say "No Problem" and I lure. That is when things turned Bad looking***, the bunny in our group uses a bugle! He had maxxed sound and he uses a bugle!?!? Anyway I was like ":O uh" and that is when it all turned very very bad. The bear in our group was like "Seriously, I have had a bad day already" Each time I tried to lure the bunny sounds and each time I try to sound he passes. Eventually I am down to 60 laff in the same battle and the bear is at 20 laff. He is trying to use toonup on me but he only has bamboo cane. Eventually he says "I have had enough" and he disconnects. Now it is just the bunny and me. I had used several SOS cards at this point. Clerk Clara, Soggy Bottom and Madam Chuckle had all been used. Then the bunny began is mad rant. He kept saying "It was all for the best" and "Its your time to go". I was like "WHAT!?? CREEPER!!" I was so freaked out. We were about to enter the last battle so I decided to stay. i should have reported the bunny but I totally forgot the report button. So the last battle goes about the same. Right before it though the bunny forced me away and used a toon up unite only on himself (how selfish is that) so now I am at 30 laff and he is full. Finally I totally freak out on him! And then he disconnects right as we are entering our teleport holes. All I can say is I used 3 level 7 gags and 4 sos cards and he got away with full laff, all his jury notices, and I didnt even get to report him. As I type this story it seems so unreal. Like seriously who does this!

The Evil Duck:

So I was in the DA office and I was with three others. We some how got on the topic of creepers and everyone was like "im not creepy im on 11". I was like "You are not supposed to be telling peopel your age..." anyway I eventually let is slip that I was a boy and since I was on my sister's old toon they started harrassing me. I can't really repeat the things they said because they are very insulting to some people. All I know is that the duck was the leader of the harrassment. It continued until I exited. A few days later i met the same duck and he harrassed me again!! I was so offended. I am just gettign sick of mean toons.

If you are sick of mean toons then post here on this topic.

~The Artful Dodger (First Post:king: )
The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodger

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default Re: DA OFFICE Stories

Post by Fangs on Tue 18 Dec 2012, 22:30

I think the common term for the kind of person in the first story would be "greener". These people just want to sadden other toons for their entertainment. I've had experience with these kinds of people, and they really slow your progress. And after they get rid of everyone else, they get all the points and leave as if nothing happened. If you see one, then be very wary of them.

The toons in the second story are just toons who want to ruin your day or think that playing your relative's toon is uncool. Ignore them. They might be playing their sibling's account while criticizing you for playing on your sibling's account. Again, just ignore them. They just want to get on your nerves.

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