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First Solo

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default First Solo

Post by YukiNagato413 on Wed 07 Sep 2011, 03:24

I First Solo a Building around when i was 30 - 40 Laff
It was a 3 Story Building in Daisy Gardens
I Had a Level 4 Throw
I Had a Level 5 Squirt
I Had a Level 4 Sound

I Entered the Building and had no problem in the first floor, since it was only a Bunch of Weak Cogs only that's in the first Floor. I Only lose like 5 Laffs? or something around that Value ^^;
In the 2nd Floor I Lost around 18 Laffs, because the cogs keeps coming out like Flood, It won't stop coming out and coming out and coming out and coming out, I was really scared to go to the last floor wondering what will be there, So after panicking for around a minute, i finally did it, i Entered the Elevator to the last floor, It was pretty Hard, I Survived my First Solo building in 3 Laffs only, And i was panicking real bad that time hehe lol!

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default Re: First Solo

Post by Fangs on Mon 12 Sep 2011, 18:24

You got lucky on that one! Once, I got out with only two laff O_O

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