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  • 20120414
    I would like to take some time now to wish a happy birthday to Purrfecto, who is turning ten tomorrow! Happy birthday! There is one other birthday coming up soon, but I won't give it away... (It's me!) Anyways, please take the poll above or below, depending on your perspective. I would really like to know how everyone likes their birthday celebrated. Thanks for reading!


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  • 20120205
    I was extremely busy recently with the holidays and school. I'm back, though, and... Hi. Anyways, I just want to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDERWOOF!!! Our amazing administrator's birthday is Feb. 9th, so I guess this is a little in advance... Anyways, thanks for reading!


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  • 20111201
    Independence Days in November and December:

    Albania - November 28
    Angola - November 11
    Antigua and Barbuda - November 1
    Bahrain - December 16
    Barbados - November 30
    Cambodia - November 9
    Dominica - November 3
    Finland - December 6
    Iceland - December 1
    Kazakhstan - December 16
    Kenya - December 12
    Latvia - November 18
    Lebanon - November 22
    Libya - December 24
    Mongolia - December 29
    Morocco - November 18
    Panama - November 28
    Poland - November 11
    Portugal - December 1
    Qatar - December 18

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  • 20111127
    So, I have noticed that these forums have been strangely quiet. I hadn't checked the site for two weeks (the holidays fill up my schedule) and there were only about four new posts. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! AND START POSTING MEANINGFUL STUFF! No random blah posts, please. So start posting!
    That's it for now!


    P.S. I thought of a new slogan for this campaign (NOTE: This is actually a real slogan used by many transit agencies): If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!

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  • 20111020
    No, this doesn't have anything to do with marriages.
    So, I have a few anniversaries I just want to celebrate.
    1. This site is nearing its 3000th post and its 50th user! So happy anniversary to you, Toon HQ!
    2. I recently got 100 laff and I'm really excited to be in the triple digits on my first toon! Finally!!
    3. I'm almost at my 1000th post. It's not that high of a number, so I'm not that excited about this one. But it still deserves to be mentioned.

    That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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  • 20111014
    I know this isn't that much of a big deal, but I'M 100 LAFF!!! Take that, Mandy! TAKE THAT!!! I'm catching up again!!!

    P.S. Me and Mandy are in an all-out war against each other. A task war. We're trying to see who can advance the fastest. So far, laff-wise, we're tied.

    That's it for now!

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  • 20111008
    This is a list of countries' independence days that are in October ONLY.

    Azerbaijan - October 18th
    Croatia - October 8th
    Cyprus - October 1st
    Czech Republic - October 18th
    Fiji - October 10th
    Guinea - October 2nd
    Iraq - October 3rd
    Nigeria - October 1st
    Turkey - October 29th
    Turkmenistan - October 27th
    Zambia - October 24th

    That's it for now!

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  • 20111009
    I know I took a four-week break from writing. I'm sorry. I was busy. So this weekend, I'm writing four new chapters for my story.
    Isn't tomorrow Columbus Day? Does anyone have off that day?

    That's it for now. Thanks for listening.

    P.S.: This is the site's 2500TH POST!!! WOOHOO!!!

    by Fangs - Comments: 12 - Views: 423
  • 20111008
    It's me. I know I have a few nicknames out there, including:

    Fuzzy (That's another story)
    Smack (That's also another story)
    Mr. Annoying Pants

    I don't want a million nicknames. I just want to be nicknamed Gabe. You can call me Fangs, too. Just please don't call me anything else. It's annoying. It has to stop. Now. NOW. NOW!!!!

    Thank you for your time. And by that I mean the time you have lost by reading this stupid and boring post that you...

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  • 20110922
    I just want to mention that today at about 5:50 EST, our members had posted a total of 2011 posts! I just wanted to recognize that for no specific reason. That's it. Bye!

    Extra Credit Question: Post how many posts our members have posted at the time of your post by looking at the bottom of the forums, above the chatbox. For example, I would post the number 2017 because there are 2017 posts currently.

    by Fangs - Comments: 16 - Views: 406
  • 20111007
    With Halloween and Columbus Day right around the corner, it's time to put on that costume and just have fun. You might be thinking, why in the world is he mentioning this? Why is he talking so robotically? Why is this subject so boring? Why is he listing questions he might ask? Well, one word answers thes e questions! HALLOWEEN!!! (Except for the part about the subject being boring.) We're going to have lots of festivities going on all October. if you look through all the threads under 'Fangs' Blog' you should notice two Halloween threads. One of them has a full outline of all our Halloween events!

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  • 20110921
    This Friday is the first day of fall (or spring). We don't want that to go unnoticed, so we're going to have new wallpaper and decorations starting Friday. I can't wait!

    Anyways, these are the days when the weather gets worse or better (yes, the planet is really disconcerted No) depending on where you are and the leaves change color (for the most part). At least it looks pretty...


    Extra Credit Question: Name 5 deciduous trees and you get:

    by Fangs - Comments: 27 - Views: 784
  • 20110904
    Hi everyone. This is my first day on the forums, but I would just like to say that I LOVE THESE THREADS!!! I would also like to say happy birthday to Lady Tricky. Welcome to the double digits!!!

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  • 20110918
    Since today is Independence day where I'm from, I decided to have a post every month honoring all the countries with independence days that month. So I'll just get started then...

    Armenia - September 21st
    Belize - September 21st
    Botswana - September 30th
    Brazil - September 7th
    Bulgaria - September 22nd
    Chile (:D) - September 18th
    Costa Rica - September 15th
    El Salvador - September 15th
    Guatemala - September 15th
    Guinea-Bissau - September 24th
    Honduras - September 15th
    North Korea - September 9th (founding, not independence)

    by Fangs - Comments: 23 - Views: 596
  • 20110912
    My goal was to write 100 posts in a day. Today, I made that goal. In case you can't see it yet, I made 103 new posts today.

    In other news, I have a new story out! It's called "The Caper of the Century" and it's in the Toontastic Tales section. Please comment on it below or on its thread.

    We still have 30 members. It's been a slow week so far...

    Oh, I almost forgot. Now that the hooplah (now that's funny!) is over, I've come back.

    And that's really it for today. See you next time and thanks for reading!


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  • 20110915
    As you all know, Halloween is right around the corner. Toon HQ isn't going to just celebrate Halloween. We're going all out!

    Halloween at Toon HQ:

    ~There will be a costume party. Bring a costume to the party and watch fireworks, play games and dance your way through Halloween.

    ~What's Halloween without the decorations? We're going to decorate the site in October, with a new skin and other Halloween decor. I bet it'll look boo-tiful! (Yes, that was a very overused joke that was meant to be funny).


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  • 20110917
    Here is the complete list of our Halloween events! We hope you come to all of them, because we're gonna have a great time! ~Fangs~

    Halloween at Toon HQ:

    ~There will be a
    costume party. Bring a costume to the party and play
    games and have fun all night long. There will be an award for coming to the party for members of the site ONLY. There will also be a costume contest! See the third bullet for details. It will all be on October 29th, from 6 PM to 8 PM EST, and we will meet at the Toon HQ in Giggly Bay, Toontown Central and continue on to Lady...

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  • 20110914
    Toontown can get boring once in a while. To keep the fun going, I would suggest joining a group or clan that meets often on Toontown.

    Currently, there are three clans on Toon HQ. They are as follows:

    The Beanfest Clan, founded by Andy_Loopster, will do beanfests (obviously) on Toontown. Sign-ups are still open, and the clan should be starting soon. I'm sure it's going to be a great clan.

    The Writing Willies clan, founded by Wonderwoof, is a writing clan where you can learn to write well and in a comfortable environment (among friends). Sign-ups are still open and...

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  • 20110913
    I really want to start a clan that hosts parties and other events for toons to earn jellybeans quickly.

    -Is this a good clan idea?
    -How do I start a clan?
    -Would anyone join the clan?

    Relpy below, please.

    by Fangs - Comments: 14 - Views: 468
  • 20110912
    I just wanted to add something on to my last blog post today. Thank you for making my blog one of the most popular topics on Toon HQ!!! Thank you, everyone, for reading my posts and thank you for just coming to the site! I love you all!

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